Smart City Loop

Smart City Loop is an innovative concept for the fast, economical, reliable and environmentally friendly transport of palletized goods in large cities and conurbations using automated underground transport pipelines.
The transports are carried out autonomously, electrically and fully automatically - independent of above-ground traffic jams and weather conditions - using state-of-the-art conveyor technology.

The magical universal smart storage that never runs out of stock — for everyone.

Sensor Technology (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence are driving forces behind procurement innovation projects in large businesses. We believe that a broad distribution of new sourcing and storage solutions is crucial to fueling innovation and transformation processes. This will create real impact that is going to change procurement and retail for good.

Digital Twin of the Warehouse

Traditional supply chain thinking has until now viewed the warehouse as somewhat of static node or nodes within an end to end flow. However, with innovative new technologies applied within the 4-walls we can create an entire "Digital Twin" of each operation. This enables real-time visibility of not only inventory, but also the movements of all assets within the warehouses, creates a dynamic view that then becomes an essential part of the new digitally connected value chain.

Digital Technologies

Data handling and software-driven supply chain optimization are becoming increasingly decisive. Data is becoming one of the most important assets in logistics. Data and machine learning offer ways for businesses to better serve their customers, understanding and anticipating their needs to build more user-centered services, automate customer service, and support connected value chains. 
I'd like to share and discuss most aspirational Big Data products and services, Artificial Intelligence solutions and other digital technologies to increase automation, enhance efficiency and revenue streams or create new revenue streams.

Deep Process Learning – Big Data trifft Prozessoptimierung und künstliche Intelligenz

Die Digitalisierung greift immer weiter um sich. Gleichzeitig werden laut Forbes 80% aller IT-Prozesse immer noch manuell ausgeführt. Durch ein Überschuss an Informationen ist der Mensch und Mitarbeiter mit Daten überflutet und kann keine klaren Entscheidungen mehr treffen. War die Digitalisierung also umsonst? Erzeugt Big Data mehr Verwirrung als das es hilft? Nein! Denn Big Data kann nur der erste Schritt sein! Mit Hilfe von Deep Process Learning ist es möglich, die Daten aus Ihrem ERP System endlich gewinnbringend einzusetzen. Dazu werden Daten aus Ihrem Unternehmen genutzt, um Prozesse vollkommen zu automatisieren, um nicht möglich geglaubte Effizienzgewinne zu erzielen.

3D-Printing - what will be possible in future?

The 3D-printing technology is developing with an accelerating pace and will impact increasingly value chains. What are the next technological developments? What resulting application options can we expect in future? How will these expected developments impact value chains? These questions will be addressed by a technology expert - followed by an interactive discussion.