From Pipe Dreams to Platform Business: Paths for a smooth Transition

Context: The organisational re-align required after a strategic decision to move towards a platform model uncovers insecurities among stakeholders who are used to pipe models. Challenge: How might we enable the understanding and embracement of a new platform business model? Expected Outcome: Prototyped roadmap with paths for a smooth transition towards a platform business model. List of best-practice tools and methods.

Platform solutions: easy access for customers or door opener to new competitors?

Digital platforms offer many chances for new business models. But they can also be considered a threat for one´s own business model. They are an easy door-opener for vendors of outside the industry to intrude into other industry´s "patch" and set their stakes at an alarming speed.

Logistics in a VUCA world - what will be the outcome?

The acronym VUCA, which stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity, describes the future outlook for global logistics. This session will attempt to solicit from attendees their thoughts on how such a world might be successfully navigated by logistics companies and what needs to be done now to prepare for operations in such a world.

Race for IoT-leadership

IoT is pushed hard by countries like USA and China. Though we do have the expertise in Germany and Europe, a combined strategy is missing. Software provider and industry need to collaborate to reach an appropriate size to realize network effects. If we get bogged down in individual solutions again, we run the risk not to keep pace in this highly relevant field.

Platform driven revolution of supply chain

It is important to focus the need for an effective supply chain. Companies get various advantages through a network for all parties – suppliers, distributor and customers. The platform economy offers companies the chance to build new digital business models in the B2B area, which may also require a destructive approach that can at least partially attack the core business. The results are new opportunities and potential of extended trading in digital marketplaces.