Value Chain Integrity – why maximizing product transparency is good for businesses and consumers


Consumers are more and more exposed to fraudulent behavior from criminal actors when it comes to the manufacture and sale of products and even services. At best, they purchase something of mediocre quality or of misrepresented origin and features. At worst, they are put at risk and outright danger to their health. This means that nowadays, consumers expect more interaction and information before making a purchasing decision.

This threat and challenge to everyone in the legitimate value chain also represents a huge opportunity: 
Namely the opportunity to create - through the right mix of technology and consumer communication - full transparency and certainty around your product’s lifecycle, including everything from raw material sourcing and sale, to consumer engagement and even recycling. 
This helps established businesses and startups alike to make the integrity of their value chain a stand-out feature, enhancing consumer trust and growth potential.

It would be great to discuss examples and have an exchange on this.


Florian Mueller, Worldline