From Source to Supply


Shorter, faster … there is only one certainty in the current world and that is the increasing speed of Change. Inclusive of trends such as Urbanisation & Demographic Change (Buying behaviours, Infrastructure investment, New developing markets, new models), Environment & Sustainability (Prove environmental ROI / carbon footprint), Digitisation (Speed, agility, convenience, Supply as required, ‘Integrations’, IoT comms), Robotics and Automation (Bespoke solution lead times, ‘Product’ supplier to ‘Solution’ supplier). Supply Chains need to be radically changed to be able to answer that challenge. Using the technological breakthroughs that are available, but also take potential threats such as trade wars (US vs China), legislation (eg IMO) and so on into account. How can we radically change our Supply Chains to become more efficient, flexible and adaptable?


Danny van der Ster, Assa Abloy