The magical universal smart storage that never runs out of stock — for everyone.


Sensor Technology (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence are driving forces behind procurement innovation projects in large businesses. We believe that a broad distribution of new sourcing and storage solutions is crucial to fueling innovation and transformation processes. This will create real impact that is going to change procurement and retail for good.

The problem: Few big players take part in this process, thinking integrated solutions for large-scale logistics infrastructures. Excluding small and mid-sized businesses leads to a lack of velocity, variety and vision. The worst part: Solutions that come out of this proprietary process simply aren’t accessible. For the vast majority of businesses, therefore, they can’t contribute to building an ecosystem of processes and services for innovative procurement.

Our goal: achieving a broad distribution of IoT-based procurement technology by providing an upgrade-solution for existing infrastructures. Storage units can be upgraded gradually and connected to product streams directly. 

The result: We make digital innovation, cost and capital efficiency accessible for businesses of any size. Furthermore, manufacturers and retailers will gain a new and unique chance to fill a direct procurement channel to customers of every magnitude.


Christopher Möhle, Turbine Kreuzberg